I Cantastorie




Angelo and Anna , parents of Maria Theresa, are separating. With the economical crisis in Italy, their lives changed dramatically. The company of Angelo bankrupted he returned to be a worker, Anna is still a lawyer. He decides to commit suicide. MT, go home and save her father's life and decide to leave with him, recognizing his fragility. They leave for Sicily, where is the house where he was born. they arrived but the house is run down. They start cleaning and MT discovers an old van with white sheets painted allover with big comics. They are old and beautiful covers of the storytellers. Angelo is persuaded by his daughter to do what his father's did and what his old Uncle did, telling stories. He asks the old man to teach him. Then gives him a folded sheet where a painted story never told. They head off to cities of Sicily to do shows. The harmony and the joy of living seem to found again. But his lack of talent produces a failure after failure. Angelo has a block and is not able to do the show and he escaped to drink in a bar. At this point, Maria Theresa takes the microphone and start to tell the fabulous story. The girl is talent and managed to gather a large crowd of spectators. But the mother finds out everything and she come to Sicily to look for them. She finds them and they fight. Anna wants to bring her daughter to Rome. They find a compromise and Anna will join them on the trip. But there comes the end of summer and it is the time to decide. Father and daughter will have to get apart. Their adventure of the Storytellers ends. But something has changed in them. Angelo is safe. Now he can start allover again. His daughter gave him an enormous gift, another chance of happiness. The canvas that was a gift from the old uncle, is completely white because it contains the untold story of Angelo and MT, as well of all of us have a story to tell, the one for which it is worth living.

Technical Specs

Genres: Family
Production Co: Giovanni Saulini - Magda Film srl Darina Pavlova - Project i Productions


ANGELO: David Coco
MARIA TERESA: Maria Teresa Esposito
ANNA: Tiziana Lodato
ZIO PEPPE: Giovanni Virgadavola